Ah, engadget, thou snarkiest of gadget blogs. Up to the nanosecond coverage and more access than anybody else: what’s not to love?


If you enjoy staying up moderately late (it depends on your timezone), be sure to stop by this quirkly little retailer every evening at 12 AM CST for the chance to purchase a new, potentially life-changing tech product. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get your hands on one of their infamous Bags of Crap (BOC)!


A highly configurable, really awesome portal that just happens to be my homepage. All your RSS feeds together on one page, accessible from anywhere: it’s hard to believe it’s the work of Microsoft, to be honest.


My first destination for authoritative news coverage of just about everything. Why bother with anything else?

5. strongbad

Insanely amusing (and just insane) flash cartoons that incorporate a…unique set of characters. Something to do when there’s nothing to do.


Love it or hate it, slashdot’s where it’s at for discussion (read: argument) about all that stuff that “nerds” care about. Not that I’m a nerd or anything.

7. hf_logo

Fanatical doesn’t begin to describe this wonderful online community’s fascination with its singular hobby. Allow me to welcome to welcome you to head-fi, and I’m very sorry about the wallet.


I’ve signed up to publish my some of my postings on Blogcritics.org as a way of increasing my readership. Hopefully it will pay off.


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