Name: David Winchell

E-mail: dwinchell[at]gmail[dot]com

Age: 20

Occupation: college student

A little about me: Where to begin? Let’s see. Briefly, I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania with three very different majors: philosophy, computer science, and classics. Like all good stories, though, there’s much more to it than that. And while I could certainly fill this space with a fairly detailed rundown of the things that constitute my day-to-day existence, I’m hoping that, over time, my blog posts will reveal all that and more in a far more compelling fashion than I could ever express here. Still, there are a few things that I ought to say, I suppose. I have four siblings, a rather large number if you think about it (though I have the distinct benefit of being the eldest). I’ve very much enjoyed my first few weeks of blogging; it has proven both more challenging and more rewarding than I had imagined, and I look forward to many more postings. Lest I forget, I should mention that I am an enourmous fan of Fox’s “24”; perhaps I’ll even post a bit about it once season six rolls around (not until January, unfortunately). That’s all for now, but watch this spot as I’ll probably be updating it…as I feel like it, I suppose.

Blog Policies: Unless otherwise noted, all non-objective statements are my opinion, and mine alone. I frequently update posts just after publication, so don’t be alarmed if the content shifts subtly in the first 30 minutes or so after a particularly long piece goes up. When updating posts after that time, I place the additions in an addendum at the bottom, preceded by the tag “Update” and the date if other than the date of original publication. Any questions or complaints about the blog’s content or policies should be directed to the address listed above. Finally, all writings on the site are ¬© 2006 David Winchell.

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