tea & twinkies

September 28, 2006

An otherwise lackluster Daily Show episode on Tuesday was made remarkable by the guest appearance of Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan. Really. Stewart knew just how to make him feel “welcome,” offering him the customary Pakistani greeting of jasmine tea and, as a special treat, that greatest of American delicacies, the Twinkie. This was all in the first few moments of the interview, before Stewart blurted out “Where’s Osama bin Laden?!” like some crazed gonzo journalist.

Things settled down quite a bit after that, with questions (and thoughtful responses) on issues like the U.S.-Pakistan relations, conflict with the Taliban regime and the lingering presence of al Qaeda, and the difficulties of governing in a tense international climate. In short, it was everything I have come to expect from the “new” Daily Show, and by new I mean “since the show’s revamp/studio change”: pointed humor, both high- and low-brow, and serious, probing political discussion from a consummately entertaining and quick-witted host.

Still with me? Good. As your reward, enjoy the full interview video below, courtesy of YouTube.

–D. S. W.


One Response to “tea & twinkies”

  1. While I found this utterly fascinating, there are a couple of comments… Stewart obviously needs to be respectful, but my dear Mr Wizard can be a little crueler…

    Musharraf is only “president” in the same way as Lukashenko is “president” of Belarus and Islam Koizuma is “president” of uzbekistan – he’s a military dictator… A particularly weak military dictator that we really have to stay friends with for the worlds good, but a military dictator nonetheless.. So can we at least call him “President General Musharraff” on this site?

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