little man, what now: a blog of some cleverness

September 27, 2006

Despite the incoherence of the title, I hope you have gathered at least that this posting has something to do with a blog, in particular one by the name of “Little man, what now.” I came across LMWN (as I shall call it) quite recently in a Google search for reviews of the second series of Ricky Gervais’ show Extras (see theirs here, and mine here) and, it being the only other review I could find, spent a few minutes reading it and several of their other postings.

In short, it’s delightful: funny, British (aren’t those two terms synonymous?), and written with equal measures of clarity and intelligence. Maintained by a gentleman named Charles Pooter (a fantastic name), LMWN’s focus is spread across a wide range of areas, not unlike mr_wizard, including pieces on British television, politics, technology, the aforementioned Extras reviews, and a smattering of other semi-newsworthy–and certainly blogworthy–topics.

Mildly pretentious (that’s a compliment, coming from me) and full of high-(and low-) brow humor, LMWN is a blog that I can certainly learn something from, especially when it comes to making mr_wizard more…mr_wizard-like. And by that I mean more like LMWN.

So, read it and be enlightened. I certainly am.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that LMWN was actually started by Messrs. Hoffman, Corrigan, and Oates, though Mr. Pooter has been, as he says, “posting a lot of random nonsense recently.” I hope that clears a few things up.

–D. S. W.


2 Responses to “little man, what now: a blog of some cleverness”

  1. Edwin Hesselthwite said


    Just wanted to say thanks for the promo (for me, 50% of blogging is the comments).

    LMWN is trying to get itself off the ground a bit at the moment – more regular posting, more long articles. So thanks, we need it.

    Looking around this place, I like…


  2. Thanks David. This is praise indeed! I should say that the blog was started by Hoffman, Corrigan and Oates rather than myself, but I have been posting a lot of random nonsense recently! We’ve added you to our “blogroll”, to which we only add sites that we actually read.

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