prepare for total domination

September 16, 2006

There can be no escape, mortals!

Seriously, though, in my coverage of last Tuesday’s Stevenote I neglected to mention both the new Shuffle (see it here; it’s nearly adorable) and the “iTV”, an upcoming box that will allow consumers to wirelessly stream and view iTunes content stored on a computer on their “big-screen flat TVs,” as Jobs harped on incessantly, even accessing movie trailers and such live over the Internet from their living rooms.

At $299, the privilege does seem a bit pricey for something that is mostly enabled through some nifty software–though the interface is typically stellar–and already exists in countless Windows Media Center Extender products, most notably the Xbox 360, but at least the unit is svelte and cute, looking much like a squished Mac mini, and has HDMI and component video connectivity. Heck, I might even buy one, had I a television in need of Apple-ization (yay for neologisms). Look for this one in Q1 ’07, either at MWSF or at the launch of OS X Leopard.

–D. S. W.


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