apple updates 5G iPod

September 12, 2006

No, it’s not that “video iPod” that we were all hoping for. Instead, Apple has bumped the specs on its aging fifth-generation iPod, giving the top model 80GB of storage at the same thickness, increasing the display brightness by “60%,” including long-requested gapless playback, and of course adding full compatibility with the new iTunes 7 (more on that here). You can also amuse yourself with an expanded selection of games, including old favorites Bejeweled, Pac-man, and Tetris with more availabe via iTunes for $5 each. Finally, both models cost $50 less than before, at $249 for the 30GB and $349 for the new 80GB. The new iPod ships within “1-3 business days.”

It’s not really a new generation, more like a stopgap until, I expect, a redesigned iPod release in January during MacWorld San Francisco. In the meantime, let the yawning begin.

–D. S. W.


2 Responses to “apple updates 5G iPod”

  1. […] Quality should be reasonably good at 640×480 resolution, though the files will play only in iTunes or on the 5G iPod due to Apple’s proprietary FairPlay DRM. Most titles sell for $9.99, though new releases cost $14.99 and pre-orders $12.99–not too competitive with DVDs, unfortunately, even with the added convenience factor. The software itself has received a facelift as well, making album art easier to acquire and buffing the already-sleek interface design, among other enhancements. Download it here, and enjoy. […]

  2. […] Among the more notable results of Apple’s 9/12 media event were price drops in the company’s iPod lines, both in the flagship 5G models and in the flash-based iPod nano. The news must have come as quite a shock to Microsoft, whose “Zune” media player is due to launch sometime in the next couple of months at a likely $299 pricepoint for 30GB. Reacting in an interview to Apple’s announcement, Microsoft GM of Marketing Chris Stephensen had this to say: Q: It’s interesting that Apple split the differences with their two updated iPods… […]

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