iPhone, merom updates still “coming soon”

August 13, 2006

Now that we’ve all had a chance to forgive Steve Jobs for (mostly) snubbing the fans last week at WWDC, AppleInsider cites unnamed “informants” in claiming that Jobs has recently been talking up the long-rumored iPhone within the upper echelons of the Apple kingdom. Aside from offering a vague target date of “mid-2007”, there’s not much to see here, but it’s still something. Meanwhile, RegHardware reports that the company is still planning to update its mobile computers–yes, that means the MacBook too–with Intel’s new Core 2 “Merom” processor early next month. Two Chinese manufacturers, Asustek and Quanta, are to ship “200,000-300,000” laptop Macs in the first week of September if this is to be believed, so do keep your fingers crossed (this blogger is holding out for a Merom MacBook Pro).

In other news, the Apple and Microsoft camps have both trotted out analyses of Jobs’ keynote claims about the “innovative” new features in Leopard and Microsoft’s continuing “copycatting” (yes, this is deeply silly). See Microsoft shill expert Paul Thurrott’s analysis of the Leopard Preview here and Jim Thompson’s rebuttal and counter-analysis here; once you get past the blatant biases, there are even a few facts (!) to ponder. The Slashdot debate is raging as well, if that wasn’t enough controversy for you. Remember, this is a war and you must take sides (there’s little point otherwise).

–D. S. W.


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