apple sticks it to microsoft/wwdc predictions

August 6, 2006

If Leopard really is “Vista 2.0” as the banner claims, then Microsoft ought to be very worried. Of course, Tiger is light years ahead of XP and consumers don’t seem to mind, so perhaps the point is moot. At any rate, with WWDC less than 24 hours away, it’s time for me to lay down my own set of predictions for what His Steveness will shower upon us tomorrow. I think we’ll see:

  1. Mac Pro with Woodcrest and possibly Conroe
  2. Leopard Preview (confirmed)
  3. Merom for MacBook Pro and maybe iMac
  4. XServe updates
  5. that’s it!

All the fanboys waiting for iTunes, iPod, and MacBook updates will just have to keep waiting, though perhaps not for much longer; we are overdue for iPod updates, after all.

Finally, those of you wishing to follow the keynote as it happens can see live text coverage on MacRumors’ special, no-refreshing-required site here or via IRC here. Engadget will cover the event via a continuous post updates, so keep an eye on their front page for that. All of this starts tomorrow at 10:00 AM PDT, or 1:00 PM EDT for those on the east coast. Be there, or forever alienate yourself from the Cult of Mac.

–D. S. W.


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