yet more tantalizing wwdc goodness

August 3, 2006

I thought we might have a break after yesterday’s rumor rundown, but Engadget has spy shots of a banner from inside the Moscone Center, where the conference is being held. A crop is shown above, but you can view the full panorama on Flickr, here. Honestly, it’s tough to tell whether there’s anything on it we haven’t seen before, but that hasn’t stopped commenters from speculating about what that large black round thing next to the Spotlight logo is, what’s up with the weird black MacBook-looking thing, and whether the aluminum notebook on the far right is a 13″ MacBook Pro. In case you’d like a refresher, Engadget also has an exhaustive summary of various tech websites’ predictions for WWDC and a look at another potential iPhone (this one’s called the “iCall”). Again, Monday can’t come fast enough.

Update 7/04: The “large black round thing” is in fact an OS X Leopard disc, as I would have recognized had I bothered to turn up the contrast on my monitor. You may chastise me mercilessly for the error.  Also, some on MacRumors have taken that 64-bit emblem to mean that Apple will (for sure) update the MacBook Pro to Core 2.  Perhaps, I say.

–D. S. W.


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