more wwdc speculation

August 2, 2006

MacRumors reports on American Technology Research analysts’ predictions for Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Besides the confirmed preview of Leopard, the next version of the OS X operating system, the pundits expect Apple’s pro line of desktops–currently the PowerMac series–to abandon the aging G5 chip for Intel’s Core 2 (Conroe) or Xeon (Woodcrest) processors. The change may also include a redesign of the current PowerMac formfactor and new “Mac Pro” moniker, as reported by ThinkSecret. Strongly rumored also are an Intel transition for Apple’s XServe servers and new versions of the company’s high-end Cinema Displays with built-in iSight cameras.

ATR further claims a 70% probability that at least one of Apple’s other products will receive an update to the Core 2 processor, the most likely being the MacBook Pro mobile computer (which may also receive a new case design). Possible, but unlikely given the professional focus of the conference, are new generations of the iPod and iPod nano, Core 2 (Merom) updates for the iMac and MacBook, an iTunes movie rental service, and the introduction of the long-rumored “iPhone”.

Of all the potential revelations, only the Mac Pro, XServe, Cinema Displays, and possibly a MBP update seem likely to me–and really, we’ll be lucky to get half of those–but all will be revealed at the WWDC keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, which begins next Monday at 10 AM PDT in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Engadget, MacRumors, and AppleInsider (among others) will blog the “Stevenote” live–just keep refreshing–and a full video stream should be available on shortly after the presentation concludes. I’ll have a full report right here as well, so watch this spot.

–D. S. W.


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