star trek xi announced

July 22, 2006

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con, Paramount officially announced the eleventh in the series of Star Trek films, to be produced by Lost and Alias creator J. J. Abrams and for release sometime in 2008. Previous rumors have suggested that Abrams will also direct the film, and from the art above it seems likely that the producers have indeed decided to create a “prequel” to established Trek lore. This may involve a Starfleet Academy story featuring a young Kirk–played by Matt Damon, if rumors can be believed–and Spock, though there have been no official announcements to that effect. In any case, I’m far too much of a Trek fan to sit this one out. We must hope that the “curse” that has plagued the odd-numbered Trek films thus far is no longer in effect.

Update 7/23: TrekWeb has information about several recent interviews with Abrams in which he talks about his enthusiasm for the franchise and the “incredible story” he’s putting together. Not much in the way of new information, though.
–D. S. W.


2 Responses to “star trek xi announced”

  1. Rico said

    the curse is not real anyways, it was debinked by the mediocre nemesis. besides trek 3 is only “bad” by comparison to the exceptional 2 and 4.

    in addition to being a prequel, i sorta hope this is a “re-imagining” as well. at this point with all the books, movies, shows etc, its impossible to squeeze any new stories into continuity.

  2. mrwiz said

    Nemesis was actually decent in my estimation, and III was not so good as I remember, though I admit it’s been ages since I saw it.

    I’m not sure a re-imagining is necessary given that the setting, Starfleet Academy, hasn’t been explored much at all in any Trek incarnations.

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