presidential veto on stem cells imminent

July 18, 2006

The AP reports that the Senate has approved a measure to “expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research” by a vote of 63-37. The White House has long voiced its opposition to such legislation, and with Press Secretary Tony Snow boiling it down to “[the President] thinks murder’s wrong”, it’s hard to see any other endgame than a veto, potentially the first of this administration’s tenure. It hardly seems worth all the fuss, especially given the legion benefits that the bill’s passage would bring to medical research.

Update 7/19: The President did indeed veto the bill today, stating in a press conference that the bill “crosses a moral line”.  As a PR stunt, he was joined for his remarks by several families with children “adopted” from embryonic stem cell banks.  The debate continues.
–D. S. W.


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