entourage: season 3

June 19, 2006

I just finished watching the second episode of the new season of HBO's Hollywood satire Entourage, and while it certainly hasn't lost its wit or its rather unusual charm, it does feel a little odd. Thus far, I don't see much of a plot developing, which is somewhat concerning after the Aquaman arc that carried us through last season. These first two episodes play out like vignettes, little peeks into the lives of the characters that don't seem to have much to do with anything beyond them.

The show's saving grace, of course, is the inimitable and eminently watchable Jeremy Piven, who plays Vince's shark of an agent. Watching him is a real pleasure, and because of that I'm willing to forgive a multitude of sins. It's too bad, though, because the material is already inconsequential enough without the loss of the continuing interest provided by a serialized storyline. Entourage can be many things, but it should most definitely not be boring. As a satire, it must strive to be more intelligent than its subject, lest it fall into irrelevance. Perhaps things will pick up, or perhaps not; I will continue to watch nonetheless (hey, it's the summer, right?). Episodes air Sunday evenings at 9 PM EST on HBO.

–D. S. W.


One Response to “entourage: season 3”

  1. Suzanne said

    Your blogging skills know no bounds.

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